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If you do not use the Pocket-service, you may want to disable it by setting extensions. See the main article: Font configuration. Modifying the following value can help improve the way fonts looks in Firefox if the system's DPI is below Firefox, by default, uses 96 and only uses the system's DPI if it is a higher value. To force the system's DPI regardless of its value, type about:config into the address bar and set layout. Note that the above method only affects the Firefox user interface's DPI settings.

Web page contents still use a DPI value of 96, which may look ugly or, in the case of high-resolution displays, may be rendered too small to read. A solution is to change layout. Changing layout. Below are the default font preferences when Firefox is installed in Microsoft Windows. Many web sites use the Microsoft fonts. Firefox's user interface can be modified by editing the userChrome. This section only deals with the userChrome. The setting effectively overrides the global GTK font preferences, and does not affect webpages, only the user interface itself:.

These settings hide the arrows that appear to the horizontal edges of the tab bar, the button that toggles the "all tabs" drop-down list, and the plus sign button that creates a new tab. To replace the title bar with the tab bar, enable browser.

Or go to "Menu", then "Customize" and then at the bottom-left corner find checkbox named "Title Bar". Uncheck it. When using a dark GTK theme, one might encounter Internet pages with unreadable input and text fields e. This can happen because the site only sets either background or text color, and Firefox takes the other one from the theme.

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To prevent Firefox from using theme's colors in web pages confirm browser. Otherwise, if the previous modification didn't solve the issue, it is possible to launch Firefox with a light GTK theme by adding a new string in about:config named widget. The extension Text Contrast for Dark Themes sets the other color as needed to maintain contrast.

Alternatively set the standard colors explicitly for all web pages in userContent. To force Firefox to use a light theme e. This section deals with the userContent. Changes to this file will take effect once the browser is restarted. This file can be used for making small fixes or to apply personal styles to frequently visited websites. Custom stylesheets for popular websites are available from sources such as userstyles. You can install an add-on such as superUserContent to manage themes.

See floppymoose. To modify the default values i. This will show the available options, modifying the following:. Make sure dom. On some devices, it may be necessary to disable xinput's touchscreen gestures by running the following:.

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To make the url bar behaves like in Windows regarding mouse clicks: a single click selects everything, a double click selects a single word until a punctuation sign and a triple click selects everything again, set the following in about:config :. See Firefox Backspace does not work as the 'Back' button.

See Firefox Middle-click behavior. This article or section needs expansion. Before continuing, remember there is a reason some of these variables are not enabled by default, e. Go to about:config and check the following options:. Widevine is a digital rights management tool that Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and others use to protect their video content. The first time you visit a Widevine-enabled page Firefox will display a prompt below the address bar asking for permission to install DRM.


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  7. I want to clear my firefox cache and cookies from terminal. What can i do? Avinash Raj. Avinash Raj Avinash Raj 56k 44 44 gold badges silver badges bronze badges. I just tried deleting everything from the preferences menu, and it deleted web content cache, you just have to choose everything, close the windows.

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    Once open again the cache was 0. It clears all my browser's history,weblogins etc. But it still shows your web content cache is currently using 30 MB of disk space under Network Tab after restarting the browser. AvinashRaj Ah, sorry, see my new edits. There was no mozilla folder inside. AvinashRaj Probably you deleted already. For these, I wrote a little script:! Good luck! Research shows that developers proliferate browser-hijacking apps using intrusive advertising and "bundling" ….

    Mozilla Firefox free download. The credentials of Firefox users are fully protected. In addition, a language change option has been added, making it easy to change the search engine. The latest version of this free web browser is a very successful software thanks to these new improvements.. As for Firefox's current anti-cryptojacking protection, we took a look at it to see how useful this was. The cryptojacking blocking system is currently hidden in Firefox Tracking Protection, a feature that prevents Firefox from loading scripts from abusive ad trackers..

    The quickest way to delete cookies is to eat them. You can also clear your browsing history in Chrome and Firefox to protect your privacy.

    How do you manage your cookies?. Unblock content, comments in some forums, and even torrent download history! Hide it to protect your online identity from snoopers. Browser extensions enhance the browser experience for the browser.