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Please note. This is not a piece intended to cover his whole career and life, just bits and pieces that resonate with me. Bless up! You know the feeling. Sorry, I refer to the sharp buzzing that almost pierces your heart from the shock alone. Whereas most people detest the frantic flying of a common house fly, you very rarely hear such disdain reserved for butterflies. It is hard to count how many times you have seen one in flight; given how each breed of butterfly have varying life spans.

In the summer of I was 18 and was put onto a mixtape that exuded adolescence, aimlessness and rebellious energy from start to finish. The blogging era of the internet was a fruitful one that unearthed a lot of gems in the music game and saw a shift towards introspection and leaning towards regional acts that offered what mainstream acts failed to at the time; relatability and risk. Mac Miller was known to most before his due inclusion on the XXL Freshman List because of his laid back style, penchant for boom bap beats and how his authentic charisma transmitted on wax.

It was unambitious rap by a good natured teenager, and this was absolutely what 17 year olds at the time wanted. Not to mention the fact that we were both 17 when he put out the official video to NOMF, it made for an impressive showing. Happiness, clarity, euphoria.

Mac Miller - Rush Hour (HQ Audio)

I crave these feelings, but I know better. I know that happiness is a journey and not a destination. Sometimes I feel sadness, depression and angst as the relatability of his music further captured his daily struggles of depression, drug abuse and human doubt. Sometimes you have to stop and reflect on the journey of the butterfly, its alluring flutter is only more baffling as you realise its short life span. Or me. Iman Omari and Kendrick Lamar.

My brother shares a birthday with him, so it was even more shocking to hear of his passing a matter of days ago. They say that the average lifespan of an adult butterfly is a month; we rarely see the same butterfly given this fact. More importantly, I mourn the loss of an enthusiast. What followed was remarkable to me. I was taking time off of university to focus on supporting my mum and brother when he was incarcerated. July 17, Audio. Chuck Inglish and Sir Michael Rocks saw a glimpse of commercial success with their Hip-Hop love song about bicycles, and the duo October 19, Audio.

Their latest single "Connect 4" presents Chuck Inglish and Sir Michael Rocks as the forward-sounding, fashion-forward duo with lush dreams and slick lines. Notably, this track blends the two individual styles that the members built on November 17, Audio. After a separation spanning nearly the half-decade since, the Chicago, Illinois duo announced it has reunited. July 13, News. The mids MySpace success group, combining fashion with '80s-styled boom-bap January 13, Audio , Fresh.

Everybody's in the pocket on this one. Related: Rapsody - Believe Me August 25, Audio. Related: J Dilla - Rebirth of Detroit album June 10, Audio. It features a lot of bugged out animation. Check out Rush Hour Traffic February 16, Video. It's got a hard beat and samples from Eric B. Check out the video. June 20, The Bridge , Video. Check it out. May 19, Video. The Cool Kids dropped Bundle Upβ€”a hot single with just a beat, lyrics and sparse keyboardβ€”in February.

Here's the video, which is a satire of music videos themselves. Click here to download Bundle Up and click here to download Sir Michael Rocks' mixtape which is one of the best to drop so far this year April 11, Video. Listen to the whole thing and download below. It's 25 songs strong Download Mixtape March 15, Audio , Mixes. Check it out March 2, Video. March 1, Video. The Cool Kids have been on a roll lately with side projects. Click here to download. If you missed the side projects, click here February 23, Audio.

Cold War Kids is another Cool Kids side project that does not disappoint. Check out Mine is Yours. It's another track that primarily relies on an ill drum pattern with a cool indie rock guitar and vocal sample. It kinda sounds like Rick Rubin style. Click here to download February 19, Audio. Check out their new song Authority ft Nate Santos.

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Project Cybersyn 3. Don't Wake Dad Side 3 1. Family Portrait 2. Pale Blue Dot 3. Back Into Space 4. Parallel Sequence Side 4 1. RATS 2. The Beginning. Astral Engineering - Seashore Dub 3. Minus Group - Black Shadow Side 2 1. Trevor Bastow - Integration Side 3 1. Kash - Percussion Sundance 2. Blindboy - Traumerei 2. Jura Soundsystem - Jungle Ambient Tool 4. Jura Soundsystem - Ocean Ambient Tool 5.

Songs by Mac Miller

Jura Soundsystem - Time Ambient Tool 6. Jura Soundsystem - Pyramids Ambient Tool. Casimir Letang - Travail Z'enfants! Chantez Apres! Henri Debs Quintet - Douce Kombass 6. Joseph Lacides - Mr Morin Side 2 1. Geno Exile - Lan Mise 2. Remy Mondey - Meringue Mondey 3. Paul Blamar Et Vello - Lovency 2. Eric Virgal - Stanislas 3.

Guy Conquette - Assez Fait Cancan. Morning intro 2.

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For You 3. Speed 4. Whatever You Say 5. Make Me Hot interlude Side 2 1. The Yo Yo 2. Shorty On The Lookout 3. Love Joint Revisited Side 3 1. So Fabulous 2. The Way You Do It 3.

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Roy Lee Producer Extraordinaire interlude 4. Away From Me Side 4 1. Nobody But You 2. Home 3. Nighttime Maneuvers 4. The Listening Side 5 1.