Mac pro daisy chain challenge

Step 1: Identify the type of monitor or monitors you will be using

Any idea why this was happening? Likely a dodgy cable or a dodgy drive. This "tip" is a reality of daisy peripheral setups the wisdom of which dates back to SCSI but hey, if you weren't around then, I guess it's good to remind people. Hey does anyone else remember using serial ports to play DOOM across multiple machines in a room before ethernet ports were common?

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July 12, Benchmark Battle: USB 3. Thunderbolt Results May Surprise. Leave this field blank. Reply Share Share this answer:.

Iain Anderson. That set up looks like a lot of fun! Rafa Ga. Oh: Mac.

If you are daisy chaining multiple FireWire devices, then you should. Anyway, I need to connect a firewire iomega hdd, a firewire eyetv then connect the card reader to the eyetv in one big daisy-chain?. Our performance with daisy-chained firewire devices has been great.

Want to Get the Most Out of Your External Hard Drives? Here's Something You Should Know

The Mac Pro also has four USB3 ports effectively three, given the use of one for a keyboard and mouse , which are quite capable in performance terms, and thus are useful for offloading lower performance devices for which USB3 provides adequate bandwidth. In general, a dual hard drive unit has ample bandwidth with USB3.

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Units with three or more drives should generally perform better via Thunderbolt. Not as fast as Thunderbolt per port, but an excellent alternative for small fast SSDs that are bus powered. Performance is ample for most system configurations, especially for devices like hard drives.

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The issue comes when utilizing high performance devices e. When attaching Thunderbolt devices, these general principles should be followed to maximize performance:.

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But none of these devices are Thunderbolt 2. Or at least, to not attach in a way that typical usage will degrade the performance of one device.